About Us

Markette Smith and Vanessa Camozzi are the executive producers and hosts of DC on Heels (www.dconheels.com), a local entertainment program that started out on DCTV and grew into a multimedia website that showcases the best in food, fashion and fun in the nation’s capital.

DC on Heels dominates the local entertainment scene, as both hosts are constantly snagging A-list interviews  (including the star of MTV’s “The Hills” Lauren Conrad, legendary recording artist Lionel Richie, the stars of the vampire movies Twilight, BET's CEO Debra Lee, Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, actor and comedian Dick Van Dyke, E! News host Giuliana Rancic and many others.

When they are not interviewing celebrities, Markette and Vanessa are on the scene bringing their viewers information on what’s hot in the Washington Metro Area. From fashion shows and blind cupcake taste tests to roller coaster rides and jumping out of airplanes — you never know what they’ll be up to next. 
DC on Heels is also featured in a weekly entertainment segment on TBD TV (the 24-hour cable news sister station to ABC 7). In the segment, Markette and Vanessa highlight the top events, news and trends in DC area and around the country. 

The two ladies also host an independent television program is also aired on DCTV, the public access channel for the District of Columbia (Comcast/Xfinity ch. 95). Markette and Vanessa were awarded DCTV’s 2010 Viewers Choice Award for best local program, voted on by more than 14,000 viewers and members of DCTV.

Most recently, the dynamic duo was tapped by the March of Dimes to serve as Social Media Ambassadors for its annual Signature Chefs Auction, featuring 20 of the most esteemed celebrity chefs in the United States. 

ABOUT MARKETTE: Born and raised in Southern California, I have had the amazing experience of cultivating my career in multimedia journalism in our nation’s capital. As a “one woman band” interactive journalist, I have reported from just about everywhere in the District (including the White House and the U.S. Capitol)... but what I really love is covering entertainment and fashion. My passion for visual storytelling comes from my desire to serve and inform my community, as it is my belief that journalism is a form of community service. More about me at: www.markettesmith.com

ABOUT VANESSA: Journalism is about connecting with people and telling a story. There is a story in everything we do. As a journalist, it’s my job to figure out the best way to share this information. I get to connect the dots and figure out the most efficient and honest way to tell a story. My job is about listening and learning. Journalism can be sad, emotional, serious and raw; while other times it can be fun, exciting and entertaining. It’s a never-ending roller coaster ride, and that’s why I love it. As a child I was always curious, questioning everything. Now, I know that I was just getting a head start in my field. More about me at: www.vanessacamozzi.com

To contact  Markette and Vanessa, please e-mail: dconheels@gmail.com