Sunday, January 30, 2011

Put On The Gloves: Photo Highlights

 Thanks to everyone who came out in full force to support Put on the Gloves!!!!!

The  event  was filled with hundreds of people who were ready to take a stand against bullying of the LGBT Youth. Put on the Gloves is dedicated to raising awareness of and eliminating bullying's powerful role in the lives of our youth. POTG is a double entendre that represents literally putting on your gloves for prom but also putting on your fighting gloves and standing up for yourself and our youth. The shows beneficiaries' are the Trevor Project and the Capital Queer PromThe event was co-hosted by Emmy award winning reporter and Fox 5 news anchor Will Thomas and Anji Corley of WPGC 95.5.

Nobody made a dime off of the event--- and as show organizer Elaine Mensah said, "That says a lot in this city." But the issues and the cause were so important, that everyone came out (despite not so great weather) in full force and made sure that this event was a huge success. 

Attendees at the event
Everyone came together to support this important cause.
I am pictured with french model and actor who strutted the runway taking a stance against bullying!

A certain  Real Housewife was in attendance.
And this housewife says she is all too familiar with bullying!





Grammy award winning artist Mya came out  to perform and support!

Stay tuned for my interview with Mya.

Mya performed her new single live on stage -- "Love is the Answer" and she also threw in a little old school "Ghetto Superstar."

I think Mya sang it best. Love is the answer. Nobody deserves to be bullied. So take a stand and Put on the Gloves! 

Special thanks to Designer Betsy Garcete of for outfitting me in my spectacular dress. 

Photos by: Ashton Payne
More video to come by: Jordan Shartzer

Besos xoxoxoxoxo, 
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TBD Recap & a DC on Heels Throwback!

This week Markette tackles wines with funny names (care for a glass of "Bad Boy Red" or "Bitch")? Meanwhile, Vanessa explains the theory behind "Deals for Deeds."

Also on this week's DC on Heels TV segment: Prince George's Prince of Parkour and the Hot Heels of the Week!

Ah, you know the dress I wore on yesterday's show brings back memories of when Vanessa and I first started our blog and TV show on cable access back in 2009. 

You see, we did this whole makeover segment with DC-based designer Aidah Fontenot where we went from "drab" to "fab" and the dress I wore yesterday on TBD TV was my makeover dress! Check out this DC on Heels BLAST from the PAST: 
We've come a long way baby! This, I know for sure. Stay tuned in 2011 as we continue to give you the local hook-up on food, fashion & fun in the nation's capital!


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Would You Rent-A-Friend?

We all need them, want them and hopefully have them in our lives. Yes I'm talking about friends. Who acts like the Joey or Rachel  from your group?  Or the cute, nerdy, loveable  Ross?

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke, you're love life's DOA. 
It's like you're always stuck in second gear, 
Well, it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year. 

But, I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. 
I'll be there for you, like I've been there before. 
I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too. 

Ahhh what a great friend song, it just makes you want to pick up that phone and call your best friend.
But what if you DON'T have a circle of friends to call or to go and hang with at Central Perk over lattes and muffins?

Friends come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. But if neither of that works out for you, then just rent one. Yes that is correct, you read right, you can actually RENT A FRIEND.  I was reading a magazine and came across the surprising article that gave in depth interviews of people who have  used the site. Completely intrigued and borderline shocked, I checked out the Website 

Here's how it works. You type in your zip code and once you choose the location of where you are looking to find a new "Friend", you will instantly see available Friends that are located in that area. You can view their photos, read their profiles and see what they are interested in for free but you do have to register to become a member of by paying a small membership fee. Once you become a registered member, you can instantly contact all of the "Friends" on the site. The site makes sure to say over and over that it is strictly for platonic friendships and with cheesy photos like the one above, it does appear as though its being used for those intended purposes. 

So how much does renting a friend actually cost? Well apparently the standard rate is $10 the hour, but can be negotiated depending on the activity.  So a night at the Opera could  run you a little less hourly, considering the tickets are probably pretty pricy.

I know they say you shouldn't knock anything until you try it, but this is just so strange to me. I would rather just go solo before I have to pay somebody to hang out with me. What do you think? Leave me your comments below. Do you know anybody who has "rented" a buddy before? 

Besos Vanessa  xoxoxoxo

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

DC Wine & Food Festival and Wines w. Funny Names

It's time to break out the bottle opener, guys and gals...
Who's gonna share this bottle of
Little Black Black Dress Wine with me?
Because the 12th Annual International Wine & Food Festival is coming back to DC from February 10-13 at the Ronald Reagan Building.

Event highlights include the two-day Grand Tasting, which is the centerpiece of the event. More than 100 international and domestic wineries will sample some 600 wines. In addition, gourmet food vendors will sample new products, while local chefs team up with wineries to serve up tasty samples of regional cuisines (and something tells me there will be Maryland crabs somewhere in the mix!)

Tickets range from $35 to $140, so it ain't cheap. But the exquisite wine, chocolate and gourmet food samplings from the area's top chefs may just make it a guilty pleasure worth indulging in. 
What's in a name? Apparently, a lot of attitude
You might also get a kick out of browsing some of the wines with funny names that may be on exhibit, including Little Black Dress Wines, Bad Boy Red (photographed below), Pinot Evil, and the infamously named "Bitch" wines (photographed above).
My, oh, my! Now, I'm no sommelier but I tend to be drawn to the 'reds' and 'whites' with fun-loving names (makes me curious), versus the $30,000 bottles of wine coveted by connoisseurs of the culinary kind.

What do you think? Are you in favor of traditional wine names or do you get down with the Two Buck Chuck and other wines with funny names?

Leave me a comment below... and I'll see you in February at the festival!


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills D-R-A-M-A

I can't wait for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show/meltdown/apocalypse. Looks like some DRAMA with a capital D is going down.

Camille is still the delusional, narcissistic, catty housewife that she's been "portrayed"as (news flash Camille--you can't be painted a certain way if there's no truth behind it-- the editors aren't Picasso.) Kyle still seems to be the fan favorite but can't stop "bullying" her loopy, cooky sister Kim, who may or may not have a drinking problem--see clip below. I'm still waiting for Taylor to ditch her socially inept cowboy boot wearing husband, lets hope by next season he's completely out of the picture. It looks like Vanderpump, not Lisa but her Chihuahua holding hubby, dishes out his hatred for someone on the set that's not a housewife, we only know it's a man--again see clip below. Seems like the only calm normal one out  of the clan is Adrienne, who would probably rather be working out or bickering with her goofy,  lovable Dr. husband Paul, then hanging out with her prissy pre-madonna counterparts.

And in more Housewife news, DC housewife Michaele Salahi was spotted earlier this month at Alexandria hair salon Circe Salon and Day Spa with her husband...what you didn't actually think that she would be by herself at a hair salon did you?



What's up with the wearing white all the time Micahaele?! Not hatin' just sayin'

But things have been kind of quiet on both sides of the Potomac and rumor has it that there is a strong possibility that the DC Housewives franchise will NOT be picked up for another season, since lets face it, it was a real snoozefest.

 Ahh I'm still yawning... But even if it is picked up for a second season, more rumors are a buzz that Bravo is seriously pissed with the Salahi's for all their drama (and not the good NeNe kind) and have fired the deviant duo. I guess we will just have to wait and see what really happens. In the meantime, I'll be gearing up for the NYC Housewives Season 4 sans Bethenny Frankel. Frankel is contractually obligated to make limited appearances--as she is still filming her successful spinoff "Bethenny Getting Married."

What city would you like to see the Housewife Franchise in? I'm thinking Texas may be next, just a hunch. Although I think Bravo should just stick to their roots and bring us some more Orange County drama. Ok happy reality t.v. watching. Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts about the Beverly Hills reunion show!

Besos Vanessa  xoxoxoxo

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DC on Heels Fashion Police

The Golden Globes may have come and gone, but unflattering fashion is forever! 

Natalie Portman's salmon pink "moo moo" gown adorned with a red applique rose is STILL imprinted in my head! But since she's preggers, I'll go ahead and give her a pass.  The DC on Heels fashion police will issue a standard warning... but we won't be so kind to some of the other celebrities who made fashion faux pas. 

Yesterday, TBD TV and our good friend MoJo gave me and Vanessa cop badges and free reign to go through our list of BEST and WORST dressed at the 68th Annual Golden Globes. 

Take a look at the vid below to see our choices and leave us a comment letting us know if you AGREE or DISAGREE with our choices:

Shout out to for hooking us up with fab shoes for this segment!
(Click here to get the deets on Vanessa's cool grey booties and my red hot wedges!)


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Monday, January 17, 2011




Nobody likes a bully! And that's why on on Thursday, January 27, 2011, the first annual “Put on the Gloves” Fashion show will be filled with hundreds of people who are ready to take a stand against bullying of LGBTQ Youth. This unique fashion show  promises to “take on bullies one prom at a time”, and will benefit the Trevor Project and the Capital Queer Prom.
The event will feature cutting edge designs and will be attended by hundreds of local community leaders, LGBTQ activists, and supporters of the Trevor Project and Capital Queer Prom.

“Taking a stand against bullying is not just a gay issue.Young children, teenagers and even adults of all walks of life are harassed daily, just for being different. It is ok to be different and this event sends a message that we will support teens in crises, and that things will get better,” says Eboné Bell, Founder of B.O.I. Marketing & Promotions and Executive Director of Put on the Gloves and the Capital Queer Prom. “We are now calling all friends and allies, to take on the bullies…one prom at a time.”

“Fashion is the ultimate expression of self,” says Elaine Mensah founder of Fashion BS, a premier podcast for the world of fashion, “What better way to celebrate Capital Queer Prom and the Trevor Project but with the most fashion forward formal attire and accessories.”


This fundraising event is dedicated to supporting LGBT youth, and supporting their expression through fashion and the fundamental “coming of age” American tradition – PROM. Guests will enjoy an evening of cutting edge designs that showcase the diversity of fashion and will highlight exceptional designers from across the country. Guests will have the opportunity to mingle with celebrity supporters, enjoy cash bar cocktails, complimentary passed hors’doeuvres, and a special performance by Mya.

I interviewed the lovely Mya back in '09
The singer, actor, dancer also known in the biz as a "triple threat" was back in her hometown of DC not too long ago, shooting a music video at hot spot Lima, for her new single titled: "Love is the Answer" with Miami producer and DJ, Cedric Gervais.

I love how she's mixing it up with this new house/dance track.

Also in attendance at the event will be celebrity stylist and author Phillip Bloch,
Fox 5 anchor Will Thomas,
and Anji Corley of WPGC 95.5.
For ticketing and event information, please visit the Put on the Gloves website at


PLAYTIME - The album release party for DJ Neekola's debut album "Playtime"
9:30pm till 2am
$15 Advance Admission ticket purchase
Additional Discount for 1st 100 POTG purchasers - Discount Code "FashionBS"

That's all from DC ON HEELS "Bringing you the best in food, fashion and fun in the metro area."
   Besos xoxoxo Vanessa

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