Thursday, January 7, 2010

Real World Cast Reveal Fav DC Hangouts

While the rest of the world will probably be watching The Real World DC to see who sleeps with who and where, I have a hunch that most D.C. urbanites will be watching the show to see where the cast and crew hung out.

I don't know about you, but it's kind of cool when you're watching a movie that takes place in D.C. (like Burn After Reading or Body of Lies) and Brad Pitt does a fight scene on Constitution Ave. or Russell Crowe races down K Street and you're like, "Hey! I know that place!"

This is why I'll watch RWDC... and when my co-host Vanessa and I recently met up with castmate Josh Colon our ears perked up when he dished that viewers will see a lot Dupont Circle and U Street in the show.

"To party, I think I liked Rhino Bar the best," said Josh during our recent interview at Tattoo bar on the night of the show's premiere.

Here is his TOP 3 list of favorite D.C. hangouts:

  1. Capitol Skyline Hotel (and that infamous pool party hosted by fellow reality star Spike Mendohlsen from Top Chef) - Nats Park
  2. Rhino Bar - Georgetown
  3. Good Stuff Eatery - Capitol Hill


P.S. - Watch our interview with Josh here!

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