Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TBD Recap and One-Tank Trip Pics & Vids!

We're baaaaack! After a one week hiatus from our TBD TV segment, Vanessa and I ring in the new year with the top resolutions of 2011, the top 11 little black dresses for 2011 and much, much more!

Meanwhile, here are the deets on our first and fabulous One Tank Trip to Colonial Williamsburg, a part of the Historic Triangle located 156 miles south of Washington:

Jamestown Settlement was another stop
on our colonial tour.
There I mustered up some True Grit
and learned how to shoot a musket.
VIDEO:  FUR and RASCALS in ye olden days!
This would be your digs...
... if you were a 17th century Jamestowner. 
Moving on to the food... the fabulous, delicious food!

Take a tour of my culinary indulgence at one of the premiere 18th-century themed restaurants in Colonial Williamsburg, Shields Tavern.

Reservations fill up months in advance for this tavern,
which specializes in 18th century FEASTING.
The first course was a well-seasoned crayfish stew. 
The Champagne cocktail was a nice
and light compliment to the stew.
The second course was a delightful pan-seared Snapper
garnished with grid-iron shrimp and a sauce Dijonnaise.

And for dessert? This guilty pleasure
of a pumpkin cheesecake!
The expression on my face is that way because I am
in a joyful FOOD COMA from eating so much!

Not so. The previous evening we went the to modern and upscale Opus 9, located in the New Town neighborhood of Williamsburg.

This stuffed shrimp dinner was $28 bucks!
It was good, but was it a DEAL or NO DEAL?
Despite the sticker-shock cost of the meal, the ambience was warm and friendly, and the people -- from the waitstaff to the patrons -- showed Southern charm and hospitality. One guy we struck up a conversation with at the bar even bought us a round of drinks.

Turns out that friendly stranger was none other than George Balanis, the former head basketball coach of William & Mary, the second oldest college in the United States, next to Harvard.

Coincidentally, we ran into Balanis and his wife at the movies the next day. Coincidentally again, our movie tickets ended up being free because the first 30 seconds of the film came on with no sound. 

Me thinks Mr. Balanis was our lucky charm during our stay in Williamsburg... or maybe it's just a lucky town? Go figure!



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P.S. -- Special thanks to Embassy Suites Williamsburg for hosting us during our stay!

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