Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prince George's "Prince" of Parkour

You've heard of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but have you heard of the Fresh Prince of Parkour?

Prince George's County is home to Maryland's very own Prince of Parkour, better known as David Ivey, the son of former State's Attorney Glenn Ivey and current Delegate Jolene Ivey of Maryland's 47th Legislative District.

Parkour is an extreme mode of exercise and is seen in some circles as a bona fide athletic sport. "PK" as it is sometimes called is all about the art of moving around physical obstacles (like walls and railings) using only the human body.

The philosophy is centered on training individuals to physically overcome barriers, leading to a stronger body and a stronger mind.
Wired magazine recently published a feature on
the craziest Parkour tricks.
The PK movement started in France in the early 1990s (I suppose as a direct result of the late 80s breakdancing phenomenon).

Today, it is practiced all over the world, from the outskirts of Paris to the suburbs of Washington.

So how did the State's Attorney son get hooked? And what do his parents think? Watch the news report below to find out:

And next week on DC on Heels, we try Parkour in four-inch heels and mini-skirts!

Just kidding.


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  1. get it right this is mainly freerunning it has some parkour but not alot