Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's time for my favorite blog segment because it involves one of my passions in life: S-H-O-E-S. What? Too shallow? I didn't say it was my only passion but it's certainly high up there on the list. Not to mention the fact that our name is  DC ON HEELS and with a name like that; we have to step out in style. It's a good thing the name fits our obsession and favorite past time--shoe shopping. And now it's time for  HEEL OF THE WEEK  sponsored by Shoe Dazzle. It's so much fun getting my little pink box in the mail and  knowing that I have the perfect shoe  right on its way!

Shoe Dazzle makes it fun, affordable and simple. Their team of stylists pick out a shoe and showcase it in your "showroom" based off of the simple questionnaire and personalized style quiz that you took when you set up your account. 

So in my showroom this month, recommended by Anya Sarre, are these fabulous faux leather ankle boots with a sculptured rosette called "York."

I love this light heather grey color that this bootie comes in, as I feel like grey is such a versatile color that you can pair up with just about anything in your closet. Here is how Shoe Dazzle says to rock them: 

York isn't afraid of being distinctive--she stands out! Make sure your outfit is equally provocative; try a crinkly faux leather jacket over a slouchy tunic and some cropped riding pants, or echo York's feminine side in a floaty, sleeveless top. 


Origin:                 Imported
Fit:                        True to size
Color:                  Grey
Heel Height:     3.25" heel*
Description:     Faux leather ankle boot with sculptural rosette

And in Markette's showroom this week are these sassy delightful wedges called "Ciji."

Live on the wedge! In smooth faux suede, Ciji provides an easy way to elevate your look. Sky-high platform wedges are hot right now--and always sexy. Ciji extends the long, lean lines of skinny jeans or bare legs with a miniskirt. Shoes this high have major impact on their own, so think pared-down accessories like earrings and a cuff or just a beautiful necklace.

Heel Height:     4" heel*
Platform:           1.5" platform
Origin:                Imported
Fit:                      True to size

OK if the shoe fits...wear it!      
That's all from DC ON HEELS "Bringing you the best in food, fashion and fun in the metro area."

   Besos xoxoxo Vanessa

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