Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DC Fashion Police: Oscars 2010

The Oscars: First thing you should think about are the MOVIES of course, but the next thing should be--THE DRESSES!! This year certainly did not disappoint. There were some real stunners out there and some stinkers too. First I will say that I am thrilled that "Hurt Locker" director Kathryn Bigelow who made history Sunday night when she became the only woman to win a directing Oscar in the 82 years of the academy awards. I also thought the dress she rocked was beautiful.   

by Vanessa Camozzi

So here are my picks for the worst dressed for this year's Oscars.
Lets start with Zoe Saldana in her multiple personality dress. She is such a beautiful actress and I expected so much more from her. Most women would kill to have her body and complexion. The style and complexity of this Givenchy gown doesn't work for her. She is is still young and I am sure she will bounce back for next year.

Mariah Carey has such a beautiful voice but all I could do was gasp for air when I saw her in this boring number. I'm guessing her lungs are a lot stronger than mine then. But come on girl, it's the same story for you year after year at any awards show--show lots of leg and lots and lots of cleavage. Change it up please. I'll give you another chance at the Emmy's.

What the heck was Charlize Theron thinking with this Cinnabon number?That's all you could stare at. I don't think I could even tell you how her hair and makeup was because I was too busy staring at those buns! It may be straight off the runway but it's needs to go straight off the red carpet. What looks good on the runway doesn't always translate in real life at an awards show were millions of people will be watching.

Next up Vera Farmiga, who earned her first Oscar nod this year, was red carpet ready in a ruffled Marchesa gown, but that is what you call a case of overkill. Maybe if she just trimmed the ruffles a bit it may have worked. Her hair and makeup was spot on though. 

Last and certainly least was Sara Jessica Parker in  this Chanel Haute Couture. It gave her absolutely no silhouette and I expected a lot more from the usually daring and eccentric SPJ.  As if the dress wasn't bad enough she had to top it off with a massive bun on top of her head. That thing may have weighed well over 10 pounds. Lighten it up next year SPJ! 

Ok now it's time for the BEST dressed. Two ladies in my opinion did it so right. My first choice goes to the all around winner Sandra Bullock. She is this years winner. No contest.

My second choice for best dressed goes to Mrs. Jennifer Lopez who got it sooo right in her Armani Prive irridescent pink gown. It was true luxury and glam. We would expect no less from J-Lo.
And the runner-ups for best dressed goes to the flawless Demi Moore in Atelier Versace, and Oscar winner Mo'Nique  in this bright royal blue Tadashi Shoji gown. Apparently she had a wardrobe malfunction right before the show was about to begin and scrambled to wear this blue ruched number. Overall she looked precious.

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  1. I love the Jennifer Lopez's dress is so beautiful! and the colour is so creative and different! love it! and Demmi Moore looks very gorgeous!