Thursday, March 11, 2010

You look just like...

Remember last month on facebook when it was celebrity doppelganger week? Well each week here on our TTS blog we will be uploading your celebrity look-alike pics. We thought we would do the honors as your hosts and start first.

Vanessa came in at 97% looking like the ever so fierce Beyonce Knowles, and Markette's number one celeb is Nicole Richie coming in at 78% . Some of Vanessa's other celeb look-alikes are Christina Ricci, Eva Longoria, and Rachel Bilson. Markette's other celebs include Serena Williams, Nia Long, and Halle Berry! What do you think? Who do people tell you look like? Which photo did you post during doppelganger week?

Send us your photo and will include you next week as our next look alike. Email a recent jpg of yourself to The Traveling Talk Show Leave us your comments and tell us what you think. Was the face recognition spot on or did it miss the mark big time?

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