Thursday, March 25, 2010

What to Wear, What to Wear...

Whenever me and Vanessa decide to go to an event, the first thing we do is call each other and ask, "What are Your Gonna Wear?" Now if I had $650 to drop on a pair of heels, I'd probably be TTS-ing all around town in the Peep Toe Pumps from pictured above.

But alas, like most regular folk, I just throw on something I already have in my closet, which can be a slippery slope down hill. Take for instance this LIME GREEN purse and Flower-Power 70s mash up:
...and this RED BULL cut-off situation we have going on here:

Has it really been that long of a winter? Is style still hibernating in your closet? I dunnoHey, it happens to all of us... but I'm on a mission to find the most well-dressed everyday people and explore the notion of pure organic street style existing outside of old reruns of Sex & the City.

And until then, I'll just keep snapping photos from an inconspicuous corner in Starbucks with a great street view.


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