Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why do we celebrate St. Paddy's day?

Who doesn't love drinking a nice pint of green beer on St. Patrick's day? No doubt everyone will be decked out wearing green(so they don't get pinched) and enjoying a perfectly poured pint of Guiness Stout or any green libation for that matter. BUT who Is St. Patrick and why do we celebrate this very green holiday?
Here are some facts:

Digital News Report – St Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint who was born in either Scotland or England but was kidnapped as a teen-age boy. Later he escaped to devote his life to the HERE to read more.

It is said that the Shamrock is symbolic of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

A Leprechaun in Irish folklore was, a little sprite, or goblin. The name leprechaun may have derived from the Irish leath brogan or shoemaker, although its origins may lie in luacharma'n Irish for pygmy. These apparently aged, diminutive men are frequently to be found in an intoxicated state, caused by home-brew poteen. However they never become so drunk that the hand which holds the hammer becomes unsteady and their shoemaker's work affected. Leprechauns have also become self-appointed guardians of ancient treasure, burying it in crocks or pots.

Here is a great recipe for traditional Irish Bacon and Cabbage:

    1 Shannon Traditional Slab Bacon (11/4 - 2lb)
    1/2 green cabbage and 1/2 white cabbage
    8 potatoes (peeled)
    Salt and pepper

    1. Remove slab bacon from plastic bag. Cover with cold water.

    2. Bring to boil and drain.

    3. Cover with fresh cold water. Bring to boil and then simmer for 25 minutes per 1lb plus 25 minutes over.

    4. Remove outer leaves of cabbage. Cut in half, add to the saucepan and simmer for the last 20 minutes.

    5. Remove bacon to chopping board and carve into thin slices. Drain cabbage, season with salt & pepper, chop and add a knob of butter.

    6. Serve the bacon with the cabbage and boiled potatoes as well as your choice of sauce.

May the Road Rise to Meet You: From the Gaelic, Go N-eiri an bothar leat, which means may success be with you.

Top of the Morning: Hollywood invention, never used in Ireland.
And the rest of the day to yourself --Also Hollywood.
Slainte: means Good health ---Slainte is the Gaelic word for health.
Slan: meaning farewell Slan is the Gaelic word for safe so it means keep safe.
Erin go Bragh: Means in Gaelic "Ireland forever."
A Hundred Thousand welcomes -- from the Gaelic Cead Mile Failte which means literally that.
Dia is Muire Dhuit: Means hello in Gaelic, literally means "God and Mary with you."
Dia is Mhuire Duit agus Padraig; How the person responds,"God and Mary and St. Patrick with you."
Pog Mo Thoin --Yes it means what you think it does, Gaelic for kiss my ...

And finally...

La Fheile Padraig brea dhibh go leir -- Have a great St. Pat's everyone!!!

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