Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buff Body of the Week - Ocho Cinco

It's Tax Day and this week's BUFF BODY has paid his dues... the gym, that is!

Alright, since I did a little dig on pro athletes in my last blog post (sorry Tiger, Tiki and Ben - but you know you were wrong!), I thought I would help to bring "sexy back" to professional sports by celebrating one of the most prolific wide receivers in the NFL...

As a 9-year veteran of the Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Ochocinco (née Chad Johnson) holds the franchise record for the most receiving yards in a season; the most receiving yards of all time; the most receptions; the most receiving yards in a game; the most seasons with over 1,000 receiving yards; and the most touchdowns.

Whew! That was a mouthful. No wonder he's in ripped, right shape (I knew he had to be doing something more than just shimmying to the Paso Doble on Dancing with the Stars).

And while I question Ochocinco's sanity for being the only NFL player in league history to ever change his last name to match the numbers on his jersey (and in Spanish, nonetheless), I do not question No. 85's commitment to fitness... and that's why, folks, this fine piece of chocolate "man candy" wins this week's award for Buff Body of the Week.

And now, a moment of silence while we watch poetry in motion:

Enjoy that, did ya? (Me, too). Now, get back to work! Your job isn't paying you to read this blog!



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