Friday, April 2, 2010

What NOT to wear in D.C.

It's baaaaaack... our weekly segment of what NOT to wear ladies and gents. And boy do I have some major fashion no-no's. The good news though is that I was able to find two very well dressed Washingtonians who hit the ball way out of the park with their keen fashion sense. Ok let's start with the not-so-good. For every fashion No-No they will be fined $100 bucks-- and in return I'll take the money and buy them something they will love.

Nothing screams LOOK AT ME like a pair of red skinny jeans--but please find your attention elsewhere. And DON'T match your colored jeans with a big oversized furry purse. Black and red don't mix well and will give any outfit a cheese factor to it, and for cryin' out loud--- lose the ear muffs!
Fined $400

Our next victim was caught wearing a brown suede jacket with a bright orange/reddish faux fur trim. To top it all off she paired it with a chocolate brown fringed purse. Let's just pray there are no more furry suede coats in those shopping bags.
Fined $200

Please do not ever wear high-waters under any circumstances. Tom Sawyer was the only exception, and that was way back in the day and mostly out of necessity. Sadly these boots with a cute pair of faded denim jeans in the right length, would look great and have a very vintage feel to them.
Fined $100

Ok I'll take the good with the bad. Here are the good:

We'll just have to wait and see what next week brings. Send us your fashion pics (good or bad) to Until then just say NO to high-waters, red skinny jeans, and suede jackets with faux orange fur trims. And YES to well-tailored clothing with a splash of color.

--Vanessa xoxoxo

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