Monday, April 5, 2010

DC Dining, Dance-off, Shoelicious pick

FOOD=LOVE @ Mini Bar:
You don't have to be a hardcore foodie to appreciate the culinary capabilities and outstanding adventures that the chefs from famed local restaurant MINIBAR take you on. Anyone on the DC food scene knows that reservations at this six- seater bar can take up to several months to reserve. You have to be patient and persistent and if you are well the reward is truly like no other. The anticipation begins months in advance before you even sit down and tempt your tastebuds with the likes of 29 courses. Sure they are only small bites but each course is so different from the next and leaves you wanting more and more. Not to mention the wines that you are able to pair up with each mouthwatering bite. Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema wrote about the Minibar experience he encountered, “There's no other restaurant in the country quite like Jose Andres's six-seat, avant-garde ode to edible innovation.” -- Tom Sietsema

I couldn't agree with old Tommy boy more. MINIBAR is incredibly innovative, interactive, and avant-garde. Chef Brad Rice and his sous chef and the entire wait staff pay copious amounts of attention to each individual sitting down at that bar and the laborious and painstaking detail that goes into each and every plate is incomprehensible. So what's on the menu? Just to name a few: Sea Urchin "Ceviche" with Hibiscus, Tomatoe Crisp with Anchovy "Caviar" Cotton Candy Eel, Parmesan Egg with Migas, Philly Cheesesteak, and for dessert Kumquats and Pumpkin Seeds. I think a picture says a thousand words (so see below) , but the actual experience says EVERYTHING times infinity. It is a must-see and a must-taste experience well worth every penny spent.


Normally it's time for my Dancing with the D-Listers segment, where I bring you up top date on all the d-list celebs and how they are making it out on the dance floor--fox trotting their way to the finals, and taking home the title (and the bacon--since the winner sees some serious cash) but not this week. No this week we had some booty shaking right in our very own backyard on the streets of Georgetown.Caught anybody in action shaking their bon bon send us your pics or vids at



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