Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pop Culture Party Cruise, Anyone?

"Ooh, whoo! C'mon let me take you on a party ride..."

I am convinced that the Carnival Cruise line must have been thinking of the lyrics from the Electric Slide (above) when they came up with the idea for their '80s New Wave Cruise.

Setting sail this September, the all-inclusive cruise package comes complete with live entertainment from a Duran Duran tribute band and the music talents of Gretchen Bonaduce, wife of 80s child star-turned addict-turned reality star-turned recovering addict Danny Bonaduce. Hurry up and book your tix moms and dads before this fantastic voyage sells out!

Apparently, pop culture-themed cruises are all the rage in family travel for the 2010 summer vacay season, according to The Washington Post's Celebritology blog. There is even an Alaskan Twilight Cruise for Twi-hard vacation enthusiasts. (No word yet on whether or not Robert Pattinson posters will be handed out at the captain's dinner.)

In other important news...

Um, was it "bad wig night" on Dancing With the Stars Monday evening? With the exception of the elegantly coiffed Erin Andrews, everyone one on the show - from Kate Gosselin to Niecy Nash to Pamela Anderson (who is rich enough and famous enough to know better) - was rockin' the cheap Halloween hairdo last night.

Whatever Kate. Don't give me that look... I guess when Samantha Harris left the show she must have taken the hair & make-up artists along with her.


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