Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kentucky Derby HAT-ittude

Let's face it: There may be a horse race going on, but the real show at the Kentucky Derby is all about the style and HAT-ittude taking place off the race track...

2009 brought us the "Kentucky Kardashians," as mom and daughter duo Kim K. and Kris J. brought Hollywood glamour to Churchill Downs.

In 2008 we saw playful and flirty lids from Hugh Hefner's top bunnies, as new mom and former "Girl Next Door" Kendra Baskett stole the spotlight in this pic by striking a fierce pose to go along with her show-stopping hat. Go Kendra!

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What will 2010's Kentucky Derby bring? Maybe a new princess? Prince William's got the keys to the Chinook, so what are you waiting for, Kate Middleton?

What could be a more perfect addition to this prized American tradition than an appearance by Prince William's rumored fiance, who just might be the most stylish woman to basque in the royal limelight since Princess Diana?

Ponder that thought while I go have a drink...



P.S. - Come this Saturday, this is what I'll be sippin' on:

Mint Julep recipe from Round Robin Bar at the Williard Hotel

  • 8 to 10 mint leaves, plus 1 mint sprig, for garnish
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 2 1/2 ounces bourbon
  • Sparkling water
  • Crushed ice
  • Twist of lemon peel, for garnish
  • Confectioners' sugar, for dusting

Chill a (tall) Collins glass in the freezer for 10 minutes.
Combine the mint leaves, sugar, 1 ounce of the bourbon and a splash of sparkling water in the chilled glass. Use a spoon or wooden muddler to gently crush (muddle) the mint into the mixture.
Add a handful of crushed ice and stir vigorously. Add the remaining 1 1/2 ounces of bourbon and a splash of sparkling water. Fill the glass to the brim with ice (tightly packed), then use a bar spoon or knife to agitate the mixture ("with relish" according to Jim Hewes) until frost appears on the outside of the glass. Garnish with the mint sprig and lemon twist, and dust the top with confectioners' sugar. Insert a straw and serve immediately.

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