Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lauren Conrad and my (minor) obsession with Justin Bieber

OK, so where shall I begin - J'Biebs or LC? How 'bout I start with Justin Bieber since I've been obsessing over Lauren Conrad (my girl crush) on this blog for weeks now. (BTW, we finally edited the video! Scroll all the way down to watch).

Anywho, ever since I saw the Bieberlicious --(adj: having boyish good looks and charm)-- boy wonder perform on the Today Show last year, I have NOT been able to get the chorus to "One Less Lonely Girl" out of my head.


I think I have Bieberculosis --(noun: exhibiting hot flashes and shortness of breath at the site of Justin Bieber. Note: syndrome may also occur at the site of other hot Justins, like Timberlake).

Why is this happening to me? I am too darn old to have a crush on a Canadian teenage pop star...

... Somebody, anybody, send me a cure! (Just don't send me an athlete: Tiger Woods, Tiki Barber and Ben Roethlisberger messed it up for all of them).

On a lighter note (and I'm not talking about hair color)...

Here is our interview (finally) with the lovely and talented Lauren Conrad:



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