Friday, April 9, 2010

What guys notice first, Apple App, and What NOT to Wear in D.C.

According to an article in this months Cosmopolitan 100 guys were asked "Which do YOU notice first on a girl: her eyes or lips?"

The response:
81% said eyes while only 19% said lips. It also said that men prefer dark eyeliner as opposed to light colors because it makes the eyes look bigger.

Oh and no fake eyelashes or bright lipsticks, according to the poll guys don't like anything that looks fake and with bold shades of lipstick they just think "Is that going to wipe all over my face?" Is this true guys?

According to a recent study apparently women use both sides of their brain to perceive beauty, as a result they pay more attention to details and notice small things like a tiny little smudge. Guys only use the right side of their brain so they look at the whole picture and the overall effect. I guess that's a good thing right gals? Another study says that boosting blood flow to your face makes you more attractive. Duh!! that's why we use blush. One of my faves is this Blushcreme from MAC Cosmetics called Posey.

Segwaying from cosmetics to electronics.

Yelp Monacle *FREE--Find a new place to eat in a whole new way. Just point your iPhone camera down any street and Yelp Monacle will overlay restaurant ratings, pricing info and even how many miles away they are, right on your screen.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: $ 100 bucks for each grave mistake. Take the dough and start fresh.

Don't match up a cute brown leather bag with an all white ensemble . Brown and white generally don't go together (unless your a mexican eating a marshmallow then it's o.k.), You don't want to look like a nurse in scrubs if you are not working at a hospital. I know we had a cold winter and ya' had to stay warm, but your J-Lo inspired coat with all that whitewear is blinding me. And don't wear matching white shoes and think the fur is going to offset the look. It doesn't. Fined $300

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