Friday, May 14, 2010

Breaking Name News and Top Chef Spike


The Traveling Talk Show is changing it's name!! What's in a name? "That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Well I would absolutely agree with Juliet on this one, but our new name here on home of the CW will now officially be drum roll please....DC ON HEELS. That's right. It's official. I think this graphic pic sums it all up. M and I are still going to be getting the latest gossip, hitting up all the great events, and of course taste-testing our way through the city..all while running around in our favorite stilettos. So yes we really are DC ON HEELS =)

All this name change got me thinking what does my name really mean? Well turns out the name Vanessa was coined by author Jonathan Swift (you know the guy who wrote Gulliver's Travels)

Info for Vanessa


Literary Characters Names, English Names

Used in:

English speaking countries

Additional info:

This name was coined by Jonathan Swift for his friend Esther Vanhomrigh. Other famous bearers include actress Vanessa Redgrave, singer Vanessa Carlton and actress and singer Vanessa Williams.

Vanessa is also the name of a genus of butterfly that includes the Red Admiral and Painted Lady. The genus was named after Jonathan Swift had coined the name. Although the name might be bestowed because of the butterfly connection, Vanessa does not "mean" butterfly. Honest.

And what about Markette's name? Well turns out her name is so unique and original that I couldn't find out any info on it!!!

Sorry . . .We have no information on this name.


On Wednesday May 26th Markette and I will be hanging with our favorite Top Chef Spike Mendelsohn here in DC at his restaurant GOOD STUFF EATERY for the launch of his new cookbook The Good Stuff Cookbook.

Spike’s philosophy is simple: take classic American comfort foods made from local, farm-fresh ingredients, and give them the “good stuff twist”. This philosophy is brought to bear in THE GOOD STUFF COOKBOOK (Wiley Paperback; $24.95; May 31st, 2010), where Spike serves up over 120 fast, fun, and fresh recipes for classic fare like burgers, fries, shakes, salads, and desserts, not to mention the all-important sauces and condiments that give his dishes a gourmet twist. Also included are menu suggestions for all types of events, from big parties to casual family dinners. Recipes are accompanied by gorgeous full-color photographs throughout.

Bravo Spike!!! Can't wait to see the new cookbook

Check out my interview with Spike as he talks about growing up, life after Top Chef, and what his eatery is all about.

Signing off the blogosphere--Vanessa xoxoxxo

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