Monday, May 3, 2010

Jessica Simpson dining in DC, and What NOT/YES to wear


Jessica Simpson was here in DC and spotted Saturday evening in Georgetown, at JPaul's restaurant and dining saloon. My sources says the vivacious beauty kept it very low key wearing no makeup and casual attire. She was dining with two girlfriends, and ordered a grilled mahi mahi with mash potatoes and green beans, and was a very generous tipper. A TTS fan sent me the proof!!!

Ahh a sweet southern gal who knows how to tip and has beautiful handwriting!
Not exactly sure what the buxom blonde is doing here in DC, but she has served as the Ambassador for Operation Smile for over seven years, and has visited the Capitol many times to help raise awareness for children born with facial deformities. Simpson, also just finished wrapping up her show on VH1 The Price of Beauty. So who cares if the girl can't differentiate between tuna and chicken, bottom line: She is a sweet girl with a big heart, the size of Texas. My bets are-- she wont be single for long.

$100 dollars fine for every mistake that's made
I don't even know where to begin: Yellow socks, white sneakers, outdated denim shorts, and a gray sweater wrapped around the waste. Absolutely dreadful. There is nothing pretty about this. Get it together and don't let it happen again Fined: $400

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse it does:
Do NOT use your bra as an "accessory" to your dress. If you have to make the look work by showing the world your sheer pink bra then chances are it's just an ill fitted badly designed dress. So don't wear it! Fined: One million dollars

Thank goodness I ran into Antonelle, from Washington, D.C.
She kept it polished and edgy.

Love the rock star studded handbag. This is how you do it right. Follow suit with this look =)

Antonelle, said she likes to shop at H&M, Urban Outfitters, Annie CreamCheese, and she nabbed her designer purse for a bargain price from designer discount store---Marshalls. Oh I almost forgot her shoes. What do you think? Did she miss the mark with these Michael Kors platform shoes? I like that she kept it daring and bold. Not sure how she can walk in these things though!!. While they may not be my personal favorite I do give her credit for taking a fashion risk and being bold. She gets extra points for wearing the OPI Alice and Wonderland nail polish collection that I blogged about the other week.

--Vanessa xoxoxoxo

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