Monday, May 17, 2010

Clinton Portis house tour and interview

Sneak Peak at House of Clinton Portis:
This weekend DC on Heels attended the Fashion Delegate Launch Party held at Redskins running back Clinton Portis's house. We had so much fun on such a bright and sunny day interviewing fashion lovers, designers, and even CP himself (Well sort of... see video below) We did ask him some tough questions though... and what about the house? It's bold, complex, and daring just like its owner.

The house was picture perfect tucked away in the outskirts of McLean, Virginia... complete with a gorgeous marble foyer, backyard patio pool, zen garden , waterfall, pool lounge and fully stocked bar. And well lets not forget the stripper pole!!! Yes that's right... I said stripper pole.

The stripper pole

The day and house were picture perfect though

Sneaking away from the party entering The House of Portis
(don't worry we had permission though)

We talked to Clinton and asked him what he thought of the party. He kept pretty low key and quiet though. Guess mum's the word for this guy.

Clinton you've got the cutest little baby face!
Wanna see the tour DC Cribs style?!! Then watch the video below.

Signing off the blogosphere--- Vanessa xoxxoxoxo

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