Monday, May 31, 2010


Markette and I hosted the DC Fashionista Sex and the City 2 Premiere Meetup Group and had sooooo much fun.

photo courtesy of Michael Avilez

So what is this group all about? Well I'll tell you and show you!!

The DC Fashionista group is a diverse group of motivated, hard-working professionals who are passionate about fashion and the fashion industry. All are encouraged to join who are involved in all things fashion from accessory designers, make-up artists, hairstylists, photographers, models, fashion writers, media, bloggers and other nonprofit organizations. All you have to do is join and share your creativity. If you are interested in the fashion industry, or would like to become involved in it, this is the group for you!

Abigail de Casanova (pictured left) President and Founder of the group.

Click HERE if you want to learn more or become a member of the group!

The whole event was streamed live by Conjo Studios.


Writer, actor, and tv personality BEN STEIN was here in DC yesterday giving a speech. The speech was given to help unite widows and victims of those who have lost a loved one in the war. Ben is actually a native of DC. He is very outgoing and genuinely looks you in the eye when speaking. And of course he was wearing his suit and signature sneakers.

I was telling him how I use to watch his show "Win Ben Steins Money" and with his deadpan delivery he said "Well you look much too young to have watched that." I assured him that I was old enough and out of diapers when I watched. Of course I never did win any of his money.

A little info about Ben according to Wikipedia:

Benjamin Jeremy "Ben" Stein (born November 25, 1944) is an American actor, writer, lawyer, and commentator on political and economic issues. He attained early success as a speechwriter for American presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Later he entered the entertainment field and became an actor, comedian, and Emmy Award-winning game show host.Stein has frequently written commentaries on economic, political, and social issues, along with financial advice to individual investors. He is the son of noted economist and writer Herbert Stein who worked at the White House under President Nixon. His sister, Rachel, is also a writer. He is well known for his dry, monotonous way of speaking.

Ok today's blog was about fashion and money. Hmmm I'm inspired now to go shopping!!

Signing off the blogosphere.

Vanessa xoxoxoxo

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