Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deal or No Deal? Lobster at Labná

Lobster, $410 pesos ($32.80 in U.S. Dollars)

During my recent trip to Cancun, Mexico - also known as the "Riviera Maya" for its rich history of Mayan culture - I heard the fruits of the sea calling my name, so I ordered the lobster. But for $410 pesos -- which equals out to about $32.80 -- I can't but help to wonder if I threw my money into the sea!

What do you think? Is this a deal or no deal?

Here are some details to help you decide:

Menu Item: The Lobster

Price: $410 pesos or $32.80

Restaurant: Labná

Cuisine: not your run-of-the-mill-Mexican food; the menu boasts delights specific to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Neighborhood: Cancun Centro (where the locals live, eat and play).

What the menu tells you you'll get: "lobster with black beans, guacamole and chips"

What I actually got: a one pound juicy lobster tail with the meat already taken out by the chef. It was drenched in a red butter and garlic sauce (not sure why it was red), but it was GOOD! It also came with a palm sized portion of black beans and guacamole, each adorned with three three crispy tortilla chips.

The lobster was succulent and flavorful, but $30 bucks?!?! Isn't Mexico supposed to be cheap?

What's your opinion: deal or no deal? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.




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