Friday, May 21, 2010

Get that summer glow, Jersey'd out, and Celebrity Doppelganger


So for the past few days I have been holed up in my apt. with a nasty cold. So what do you do when your sneezing non-stop, body aches, and you can't move? NOTHING. You watch TV and sit on the couch. So that's exactly what I've been doing. Unfortunately the NyQuil hadn't quite kicked in so I was flipping through the million infomercials on every single channel late night style. I did come across this gem of an infomercial though for Luminess Air brush makeup kit. I haven't bought it YET and wanted to speak with a professional makeup artist that I know-- if this is really the way to go. It makes sense that airbrushing would give you that perfect dewey natural glow.

Now, here is a little info about Luminess Air. It's an airbrush set that Hollywood makeup artists use on many celebriteis and actors and actresses. It comes with a single easy to use airbrush, and four colors of your chosen shade to place into the airbrush. You can get a 30 day trial for $29.99 but then after that you can pay anywher from $200 and up depending on which package you sign up for.

Real person shown before using Luminess airbrush

Real person shown after using Luminess

And by real I mean just your everyday Joe or Jane. No celebrities, no divas, just everyday people like you and me.

Still not convinced ? Here is a video-I think I'm going to give it a go.

And while you're getting a natural airbrushed look for your face mine as well give your body that perfect tan as well. But say no to tanning beds!! Instead pop into Glow tanning salon (located in Georgetown, between N and O ) for that perfect SPRAY tan. It will give you that natural sun-kissed look with out going overboard so you won't look like Snookie.

And speaking of well tanned people from Jersey, is it me or is it out of control how many "Jersey" shows there are out there right now. The magic first started with the kids from Jersey Shore on MTV.

Then the Style network got into the guido action with Jerseylicious

Bravo has had the Real Housewives of Jersey flipping tables for a few seasons

And now I see ads everwhere on the Oxygen network for Jersey Couture

I am offiically Jersey'd out. Enough already. Kapeesh?

Ok it's that time again for a DC ON HEELS fan to be chosen as our celebrity look alike and this weeks pick is Jacyln Barton. Who is this hottie a dead ringer for? How do you think the face recognition did?

Signing off the blogosphere Vanessa xoxoxoxo

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